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November 02, 2018
Bruce Power Suppliers Day 2018

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:: Torque Sensors

Instrument that connects to T40 family of torque flanges
Reaction / Non-Rotating
Reaction torque transducers are used to measure torque loads where the sensor doesn't have to rotate, or rotates through a limited number of rotations. Applications for reaction torque include motor or pump torque, valves, actuators, steering gears and gear reducers.
Rotating - Non-Contacting / Torque Flanges
Use of non-contacting transmission techniques, and unique torque Flanges designs provide excellent long term performance and reliability!
Rotating - Slip-Ring
Contact slip ring transmission provides lower cost torque solutions.
Torque Reference / Standard
Torque transducer used as a reference and transfer transducer for calibration.
VK20A Junction Box
Junction Box
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