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:: Strain Gauges
BCY01 Accelerator for Z70
BCY01 is an activator for the Z70 cyanacrylate adhesive. The curing of Z70 depends on the chemical state of the parts to be joined. There are conditions where curing may take place slowly or even remain incomplete; such as dry air (relative humidity below 40%), acid surfaces or too low temperature. In these cases the curing time can be shortened with the BCY01 activator.
EP150 Hot-Curing Single Component Adhesive
Epoxy resin adhesive that can be used with all types of strain gauges. Storage time(dry): 12 months in refrigerator (+7°C). Application temperature range: -70°C ... +150°C with zero-point related measurements (static) and with non zero-point related measurements (dynamic).
EP250 Hot-Curing Two Component Adhesive
EP250 is a two-component epoxy resin adhesive. EP250 is of pasty consistency and so it is suitable for porous surfaces as well as for smooth ones. For curing it requires heat and pressure.
EP310S Hot-Curing Two Component Adhesive
EP310 is a two-component epoxy resin adhesive. For curing it requires heat and pressure. EP310 is of watery liquid consistency and so it is suitable only for non-porous surfaces.
X120 Visco-Elastic Two-Component Adhesive
X120 adhesive is intended for installing optical fibers, primarily OptiMet PKF. X120 is easy and fast to use.
X280 Cold-Curing Two Component Adhesive
X280 is a two-component epoxy resin adhesive. As a cold curing adhesive it is easy to use and can be processed at minimum cost and effort. It hardens under normal ambient conditions. X280 is suitable for smooth and absorbent surfaces.
X60 Cold-Curing Two Component Adhesive
X60 is a 2-component fast curing adhesive, consisting of a liquid component (B) and a powder (component A). Typical application fields are: low temperature, porous materials as well as for securing the cables.
Z70 Cold-Curing Single Component Adhesive
Z70 is a single component, cold curing adhesive made of cyanacrylate. Curing is only possible on very slight adhesive films and at room temperature under thumb pressure. The air humidity needs to be between 40% and 70% as a catalyst for the curing process.
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